New habits for a better life
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What I Do

What I Do

I support people changing their lives for the better. Making positive changes, even small ones, can be challenging to make them long-lasting. If you’re determined to make changes, working with a hypnotherapist or coach can accelerate the change you want to make in your life.



I’ve been working in business for 30 years with the privilege of living and working abroad and travelling the world. During that time I have seen people and organisations at their best and their worst. I’ve hired amazing talent into organisations and I’ve worked on major transformation and change projects involving large numbers of people leaving an organisation.

Making any life change or changing a habit to make it stick can be daunting and challenging when you decide to make the change. I help people make that change and find the courage to make it part of their life.

Values are important and we need to share some of the same values to work together. Here are my values at this time in my life:

·         be your authentic self,

·         do whatever you have to do with integrity,

·         like -ideally love- what you do,

·         if you don’t like or love it, make a change!

·         Smile more - it changes the whole tone of a discussion or meeting.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, how will you change yourself for the result you want?

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