New habits for a better life




Ruth has a real gift. She is a facilitator of calm and wellbeing. Through hypnotherapy, she has helped me manage my inner response to external forces. Hypnotherapy is relaxing and empowering. I highly recommend her!
— Liz Blizzard, West Yokshire

Ruth immediately put me at ease and explained how hypnotherapy works. I found her very professional and the whole session was really relaxing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and the results have been great.
— LW, Leeds

Ruth, just wanted to record my thanks for the Hypnotherapy consultation. I asked you to help me cut out habitual snacking , something that I have struggled with for years. I am quite a disciplined person, but this habit had become ingrained. Whilst it was not out of control I was not able to “cut it out”. The results have been remarkable and have far exceeded my expectations. I have not snacked at all in the 7 weeks since our session!
I have lost 12 lbs in weight without changing anything else! I think those facts speak volumes. Once again – many thanks.
— KR, West Yorkshire

Like many therapies the experience can differ from practitioner to practitioner, but it felt right to try it again as Ruth has a very gentle caring manner and unlike the last time, I started to feel at ease straight way, she guided me through some lovely relaxation and beautiful imagery which left me feeling very at peace with myself, the time flew by and I couldn’t believe that it had taken over an hour once we finished . All in in all I spent over 3 hours travelling there and back in the car, was it worth it, definitely, would I do it again if I felt the need , definitely and I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone who would like to change a pattern and or adopt new behaviours. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and so much lighter than this morning when I woke up ! Thank you Ruth, I am now so excited to see what tomorrow brings.
— Wishes to remain anonymous, Yorkshire


I came to Ruth since I had a major sleep problem.  Waking up in the night, and staying awake for long periods, every night.  Through just 2 sessions with Ruth I have since been able to get much better sleep in duration and depth.  Feeling much more refreshed and overall less anxious.  Highly recommended for anyone who wants to use ways to improve their sleep and levels of anxiety without resorting to medicines.  CS, West Yorkshire

I’ve waited almost a week to write this review so I could go all in with it. I have had one Hypnotherapy session with Ruth to help tackle my life long nail biting habit. My nails have been a near constant source of insecurity and I’ve tried all sorts to kick the habit.

Since leaving the session I have not bitten my nails once. I have done all my usual ‘pre-biting’ habits, from running my fingers across them to find uneven edges to just generally being a bit bored... but at no point have my nails been bitten.

I was sceptical of hypnotherapy for years but after this session I am blown away by its efficacy! Ruth talked me through the process, really understood my motivations and goals, and made the whole thing a pleasant experience.

I would absolutely recommend Ruth if you are thinking trying hypnotherapy for the first time!