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Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions


Full terms and conditions will be provided prior to the start of the coaching programme

six month coaching programme

Full payment is made up front or alternatively payment is made on a monthly basis. The payment for each monthly coaching session must be made at least two weeks in advance of the session.

one month intensive programme

The full fee is paid upfront or alternatively payment can be made in two installments with 50% paid up front and 50% paid 10 days from the start of the first coaching session.


Trust is an important part of the coaching relationship and therefore we must both agree to confidentiality of the sessions. For the avoidance of doubt as the Coach I will not divulge the name of any clients.


We will agree the date and time of each session to ensure it is a time convenient to you. If you are committed to making this investment in yourself then it is important you keep our date. However, I understand that at times life can get in the way and you can reschedule a session. However, if you reschedule a session and do not keep the date you may forfeit the session and the fee.