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Programmes and Services


Programmes and Services


Coaching Programmes and Speaking Engagements


short-term intensive coaching programme

One month intensive coaching programme. If you are dealing with issues in your business or life that are impacting you right now and that you need to deal with immediately, this programme offers twice weekly coaching for one month. This level of intensity works best for changes that are being made to you or beyond your control.

Initial consultation

All enquiries will receive an initial consultation to assess your needs and to find out if we’re a match. For you to get the best out of any of these services we need to share the same values.


Fees will be provided following the initial consultation and once we’ve established we can collaborate together.

six month anchor and shine programme

Six month coaching programme supporting personal change, business and/or life planning. This programme works best if you want to make changes in life, although you may not yet know what those changes are. You may be chasing a dream, want to see what’s on your horizon or you just want to shake things up for an adventure. The programme provides two coaching sessions a month.

team change programme

Tailored change programme to support team transformation or change. Stuck in or with a situation that doesn’t seem to be moving forward? Personalities getting in the way? Or a business making changes that requires people to change. I can tailor a programme to allow the resistance and fear of change to be discussed in a safe and constructive way.

speaking engagements

Holding an event and want to give the audience something to think about? I can offer tailored speaking engagements on topics related to personal and organisational change.