New habits for a better life
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Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to support change you want to make to your life.

See below how hypnotherapy can support with wellbeing (anxiety, weight loss and sleep), phobias and fears and habits you want to quit or stop.

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Hypnotherapy can be effective way to lose weight, deal with anxiety and stress and improve sleep issues or insomnia.

Anxiety could be related to every day life or a specific situation such as taking an exam or driving test, going for an interview.

For weight reduction a large part of being successful is having your head ‘in the right place’. Mindset is important so whether you want to stop snacking or eat more healthily hypnotherapy can support your weight loss plans.

Life is always better after a good night’s sleep but many of us don’t get the sleep we need. Ever had that feeling of looking at the clock in the early hours of the morning and then being anxious because you have to be up in a few hours? Hypnotherapy to support improved sleeping includes relaxation techniques to help you get the rest you deserve

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phobias and fears

Planning a holiday that means a long haul flight that fills you with dread or a regular trip to the dentist that fills you with fear? Or is there something else that you are avoiding because you find yourself irrationally worried or concerned about what will happen?

Feel the fear and do it anyway is a well known phrase but it’s also the way to get beyond the fear. Hypnotherapy provides a safe, comfortable and effective way to cope with and overcome irrational fears that may be holding you back from having a great life experience.


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