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where is the coaching held?

The coaching sessions are held via Zoom. Unless of course we’re close enough to meet up in person. All you need is a good internet connection, a private space and yourself. And maybe a cuppa. (Pets are also welcome).

what contact do we have between the coaching sessions?

Contact between coaching sessions depends on what support you need. If you have a lightbulb moment of insight and you want to discuss it or have a question we can connect. Alternatively, if between coaching sessions I find something relevant to your personal development I will send this to you.

how long does each coaching session last?

Each coaching session is for one hour.

how do the coaching programmes work?

The content of the programme is driven by you and what you want to discuss. You can expect to do some personal work outside of the coaching sessions which could be anything from keeping a journal or record of events, reading an article or committing to a daily practice such as mediatation.

i work during the day. Can i have coaching sessions in the evening or early morning?

Evening coaching sessions are available with the latest session starting at 8pm. Morning sessions start from 7am. These are UK times.