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What did you do in a past life?

If that got your attention then you’ve either leaned-in, interested to find out more or it’s completely freaked you out.  So here’s some information about past life recall in hypnotherapy.

Do I have to believe in reincarnation?

 Technically no. You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to have a past life recall in hypnotherapy.  You just have to be open-minded.

Will I remember what I’ve said?

Yes, you will remember some, if not all of what you said.   I always take notes for my clients and allow them to record the session so they can listen to it afterwards.

 Will I know what I’m saying?

During a past life recall, you will be speaking, probably as the person you were in the past life and you will know what you are saying.  

 Your hypnotherapist will also ask you questions to find out who you are, where you are and what you are experiencing.  She/he will ask questions that can provide details to ascertain the time period of the past life.  Afterwards this information will give you the opportunity to research the time period or the person you recalled.

What if I did something terrible in a past life?

The mind, particularly the subconscious is an amazing thing, and you will only recall information from a past life that you’re ready to find out about.

 So if you recall something upsetting, you will only recall what you can deal with.  Also, there may be a message in learning about something upsetting that could be potentially help you in your current life.

Whatever you recall, your hypnotherapist will be sure to support you during the recall and you will always have the opportunity to end the session if you become upset.

 What if it’s a false memory?

 If you’re concerned that what you recall might not be true or that it really happened in a past life, then think of it this way:  it is your subconscious creating a story for you.  Think of that story as a metaphor for your current life.  Likely you may find some parallels to situations in your current life, or even a nugget that will help you better understand something in your current life.

 It’s your choice what you believe.

 What’s the point in finding out about a past life?

 One of the key reasons people want to experience a past life recall is to find the answer or source of a situation in their current life.  Something they experience in this life but have no reason to or cannot explain why.

Other people have a past life recall because they’re curious about what they did, and if they can really recall a past life.


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Ruth Richards