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The cultural impact on menopause

Did you know that hot flushes are called hot flashes in North America?  

You may have known that.  But did you know that not all cultures have hot flushes?  I know, surprised me too. 

Japanese women mostly report frozen shoulders and there is no equivalent phrase for hot flushes in their language. *

In Western Society symptoms are hot flushes, irritability, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, foggy brain, to name but a few.

But amazingly there are cultures where women report no significant menopause symptoms.  I know! Can you believe it?

Here’s some information I found from the website ‘everyday health’**.

  • Researchers found that MAYAN women reported no hot flashes or any significant menopausal symptoms.

  • Mayan women tend to look forward to menopause because with it comes a progressive change in status within their communities and, in turn, a feeling of freedom.

  • When women from indigenous cultures cross into menopause, they often become known as "wise women" or spiritual leaders and hold a place of power in their communities.

Now, I don’t know about you but that got me thinking.  They move into this phase of life knowing that their status in their community/society is assured because they are considered to be an elder or wise woman and have no menopausal symptoms.

Yet, women over 50 in Western society tends to get overlooked and are often patronised or misunderstood because of menopause symptoms – yet, we are still wise women.  We still have wisdom to be in places of power in our communities.  And let’s face, given all the confusion and negative energy around these days, our wisdom of collaboration and compassion is much needed right now.

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 * hot flashes and menopausal symptoms than women in other countries


Ruth Richards