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Letting go


It can be hard letting go of things, whether it’s thoughts, feeling or beliefs that don’t help you or actual physical things you need to let go of.

The past few years has been a series of clearing stuff out of the house.  Most recently it was an outside cupboard.  You can imagine it, I’m sure.  All those things you don’t use very often or only need once in a blue moon.  Mine was mainly stuff left over from decorating, plant pots, bubble machines (I know, but they really are great fun) and my roller blades.

I love the roller blades (or inline skates, whichever you prefer).  Grown-up Ruth knew that they had to go.  But childish Ruth was stamping her foot saying no way are we giving those away.   Oh what a dilemma.

So I used a hypnotherapy technique on myself, to let the childish Ruth have her say.  The thing about finding the inner child or the childish part of yourself is its brutal honesty.  The grown-up part is, well, grown-up.   I love the roller blades as they represent a place and part of my life when I used them.  I had fun with them.  And a lot of bruises.  I have a great memory of the day I bought them when I fell over in the shop and my friend and the shop assistant had to pick me up off the floor.  The memories of them made me smile and laugh.  So it wasn’t the roller blades I was attached to but the memories and emotions.  Cue the grown-up: But you can still have those memories without owning the roller blades.  Lots of eye rolling from the inner child at this point who gets quite churlish – and childish- because the point is, if I didn’t own them then I wouldn’t be prompted to think about the memories (doh). 

 So the outcome of all this is that the roller blades will be making their way to the charity shop this week.  They no longer fit well – in fact they never did, but I was so excited about owning a pair I overlooked that at the time.  And I will never wear them again.  Which is a slightly depressing thought that reminds me I’m getting older and I have no desire to be reminded of that.

I’m now finally ready to hand them over.  I hope their new owner loves them as much as I did and makes some great memories.

Which all proves, letting go isn’t easy but it can be done with a little patience and understanding of yourself.


If you are struggling to let go of things that are blocking your life or holding you back, whether physical items or thoughts, feelings or beliefs, hypnotherapy can be an effective way to work through these issues.

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