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Hypnotherapy - What's it like to control people's minds?

I was asked this question recently by someone I worked with who wanted to quit biting their nails.

After one hypnotherapy session they haven’t bitten their nails for over 4 weeks.  I saw them a couple of weeks ago and got to see their lovely new nails first-hand. 

And that’s when they asked me “How does it feel to control people’s minds?”

The answer is, I don’t control your mind, you do.

The hypnotherapist is a facilitator.  It’s always the client who does the work, the hypnotherapist guides you to change the habit but it is you and your mind that does the work.

Our subconscious and habits

Our subconscious creates a lot of short-cuts which when repeated become habits.  Our subconscious thinks it’s being helpful.  However it cannot discern the difference between a habit that improves our life or one that actually we could well do without.

For instance….suppose you work late every Thursday. On your way home you collect a take-away but afterwards you feel guilty.  Maybe you want to lose or manage your weight, eat healthier or save money.

But it’s such a repeated habit now, you will probably automatically find yourself driving to the take-away so you’re not even consciously thinking about it.

Change the habit

So how does hypnotherapy help you stop getting your weekly take-away?

Hypnotherapy helps you to change the habit.

Instead of going to get your weekly take-away, what can you do? Be more organised? Stop off at the supermarket and buy a salad or would you do something else instead?  Decide what you could do that is realistic, practical and feasible.

Then during a hypnotherapy session, we tell your subconscious to change the habit.

And that’s how my client stopped biting their nails.  We asked the subconscious to do something else instead.  So now it does.

Of course, you can change habits on your own. 

·         Each time you are doing the habit you want to quit, notice that you’re doing it.

·         Stop doing it there and then.

·         Then do something else to divert your attention (get a glass of water for example).

·         Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat. Until you have a new habit.

This approach may take some time.  So if you are ready to change something now and you want to work with me or find out more, contact me at or call me on 07803 741396.


Here’s the testimonial from my client who quit nail biting.

I’ve waited almost a week to write this review so I could go all in with it. I have had one Hypnotherapy session with Ruth to help tackle my life long nail biting habit. My nails have been a near constant source of insecurity and I’ve tried all sorts to kick the habit.

Since leaving the session I have not bitten my nails once. I have done all my usual ‘pre-biting’ habits, from running my fingers across them to find uneven edges to just generally being a bit bored... but at no point have my nails been bitten.

I was sceptical of hypnotherapy for years but after this session I am blown away by its efficacy! Ruth talked me through the process, really understood my motivations and goals, and made the whole thing a pleasant experience.

I would absolutely recommend Ruth if you are thinking trying hypnotherapy for the first time! ”



Ruth Richards is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach working with people to create new habits for a better life.

Ruth is a Registered Practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Register and Accredited Practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.


Ruth Richards