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Are you flying away this summer?

It’s raining and there are thunderstorms which can only mean it’s the summer holidays!

Joking aside, in Abta’s 19th July press release they estimated that over 2 million Brits would be heading for overseas holidays that weekend.  And let’s face it, going on holiday is the only reason ever to get up very early.

Holidays should be an exciting time, but if you don’t like flying it can be stressful.

How do you feel about flying?

Do you find it exciting?  Do you like to look out of the little window and see the sky and fluffy clouds? Or does that fill you with horror?

Nervous flyers get a bit agitated when flying, or at a specific point of the flight such as take-off or landing, but the agitation is over when the flight is over and it is not so severe to prevent them from flying.

Fear of flying is more than being agitated.  It’s a strong reaction both emotionally and physically.  Maybe palpitations, feeling panic and shortness of breath.  Fear impacts us all in different ways.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority “travelling by air is extremely safe” and they have some very impressive statistics to back this up.   If you want that reassurance check their website here


As with any fear, it’s our individual reaction to it that matters most.   Do you have a fear of flying but you’re feeling it and travelling by plane anyway, or is it holding you back from enjoying things in your life that would like to do?

If you are flying on holiday this year but are feeling agitated and nervous, it’s always a good idea to refocus your mind to think about something else.  Below are some simple ideas that can really help.

If fear of flying is holding you back and you’re ready to change this, hypnotherapy can be an effective way to overcome this.  If you want to find out more contact me at


  • Breathe:  If you start to feel agitated or panicky close your eyes and do some deep breathing.  Start with three deep breaths, then do the following, breath in for the count of 3, hold it for one and breath out for the count of 5 (or 3 if 5 feels too long).  Do this sat upright, feet flat on the floor, back straight and put your palms on the tops of your legs, sitting as still as you can and counting your breaths. Do this for four or five times then go back to your regular breathing.

  • Headphones: Whether you want to listen to music, watch a movie or listen to an audio book, and if you can afford them use noise cancelling headphones. Or with your ever trusty ipad play a game that really absorbs your mind.

  •   Eye mask:  Even if you’re travelling in the day-time, use an eye mask, ideally with your headphones and focus on what you’re listening to.

  • Reading: Choose your reading matter carefully. Pick a fictional story or biography you can get involved in or select a personal development or business book for learning something new (and of course, one that doesn’t involve planes or flying!)

  •  Have a chat:  If you’re travelling with someone talk to them about something other than flying or travelling.  The purpose is to refocus your attention, and really listening to what someone else is saying can do that.

 Whatever you are doing this summer, I wish you a happy and relaxing time.

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photo by Sebastian Leon Prado @elmundoderabbit


Ruth Richards