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Chillpreneur - My new favourite book

Ever had the feeling when you read a book that the author gets you?  And more than that, she gives you practical tips that you can actually use and, (I’m swooning now), scripts to help you prepare for those difficult conversations.

My name is Ruth and I’m a self-confessed self-help book junkie.  I read self-help books in personal development and business.

And ‘Chillpreneur’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas has just become my favourite ever business book.

Here’s why:

  • Reading this book is like your best business friend talking to you.  It’s so easy to read.  I read it in two days because I had to finish it and soak it up. Straightforward and direct language, you really feel like you get to know Denise and more importantly, she’s just like me and you (only a darn site richer.  But if you read the book you can work on that.)

  • To use Mary Portas’ phrase, Denise works like a woman.  And one of the basics of the book is how we live and work. Woman can have many anxieties about working for themselves.  One of the big take-aways from this book is, don’t wait for perfect, do something.  Even if it’s half-assed, it’s better than nothing.  Now that my lovely women colleagues, is total empowerment.  Get going, if your best today is that it’s half-assed it is still better than nothing. 

  •  Find your path of least resistance is a key point in the book. If you’re one of those people who can at times overcomplicate things (mmm, been there), then quite frankly just stop it.  Finding the path of least resistance is liberating – in all aspects of your life.    Get a cleaner or housekeeper, have your shopping delivered, outsource the things you’re not good at, whether home or business.

  •  It’s ok to talk about money to your clients.  The blocks women have around money can be as a result of family conditioning as well as conditioning from society and culture.  If you offer a service, you get paid for it.  In the book Denise provides scripts to help you deal with difficult conversations with clients about late payments and saying no to discounts (if that’s what you decided to do). 

Intellectually, we all know the stuff in this book.  But we don’t do it, or more importantly we don’t do it consistently.  This powerhouse of a book will reset your mindest, encourage and inspire you to step into your power and live your best business life. 

If you’re a woman with your own business or thinking of starting a business, I strongly recommend Chillpreneur.

Now I’m off for a cuppa and I’m going to read this again – but more slowly this time.  I want to digest and use all those top tips.

Happy reading.


Ruth Richards