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Life is like running....

Race season is definitely underway with lots of events around Yorkshire.

Coming up this month is the Humber Bridge Half Marathon on 30th June celebrating its 20th anniversary, followed in July by the very popular Leeds 10K Run for All (only four weeks away) and the first Ilkley Half Marathon on 14th July (a mere 5 weeks away).

Maybe these events are included in your training plan for the Yorkshire Marathon in 19 weeks’ time on 20th October. This event also incorporates a 10 mile run and a corporate relay for the marathon.  I think the relay is a fabulous way to run a marathon and there are varying distances for each runner.  So if you’d like to do a marathon but not ready for a whole one, you can get together with colleagues or friends and do it on a relay.  And still have the bragging rights that you’ve run a marathon!

Life is a bit like running……..  I’ve often thought that life is like running. 

Sometimes you go at a quick pace, sometimes you go a bit slower.

Sometimes you can see the finish line but mostly, like life, you can’t always see the finish to a situation, especially a difficult one. 

Some days it’s easier than others.

And we’re always in training – whether we realise it or not. 

It helps if we know how to pace ourselves.

Before a big event, we rest.

Secretly we also want a PB - even though we know realistically it’s unlikely, we always hope.

Mindset is everything.


The ability to know and manage your mindset makes a huge difference to life – and to running.

If you know your legs can keep going but your mind thinks differently, then check out my race ready programme.  This programme focuses on 3 aspects of running: preparing to get the best start for the event, techniques for coping with negative thoughts during the event and recovering afterwards.

To find out more call me on 07803 741396 or email me at

 And finally…. For some if you it may be about the PB, or raising money for a cause close to your heart and for others it may be proving something to yourself.  Whatever your reasons know that you are doing something amazing.

 Happy Running,

Ruth x

 Links for the above mentioned runs:

(NB: The Ilkey half marathon places are all filled and they are operating a waiting list).