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Will I bark like a dog?

Picture the scene.  It could be a networking event, or something more social, and the inevitable question gets asked. “What do you do?”.  Before I even answer the question, I’m guessing what this person’s reaction will be.  “I’m a hypnotherapist”, says I, waiting for the reaction.

People usually react with one of the following:

·         “That’s interesting, tell me more”

·         “My friend had hypnotherapy and it didn’t work”

·         “Are you going to make me bark like a dog?”

So, what would your reaction be?

If your reaction is, that’s interesting, I’d like to find out more, then great because I’d like to tell you more. 

I’m holding an information session on Thursday 15th August at The Little Teahouse in Ilkley between 5.30 and 7.00pm.  With tea and cakes, obvs (impossible to go there and not have tea and cake!).

Click the link below to register:


Why consider alternative or complementary therapies?

One of the best reasons to consider and use alternative or complementary therapies is for your own self-care.  You know the saying, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first.  Whether you’re using the services of a physiotherapist, coach, nutritionist, podiatrist or other forms of healing such as sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy or meditation, it’s all about taking care of yourself and improving your quality of life.  Which in turn, can improve the quality of life of those you are taking care of.  Simples.

My next reason is that these types of therapies are accessible.  Thanks to technology you can google hypnotherapist and get lots of results.  If you are considering working with a hypnotherapist or other complementary practitioners you can access the General Hypnotherapy Register to find registered practitioners (   Also check out the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to find complementary healthcare practitioners (   Make sure you do your research before choosing a practitioner to work with.  All professional practitioners will have information available or will tell you more about their work before you commit to an appointment.

Many people consider alternative therapies because of their lifestyle or personal beliefs.  Whether it’s about reducing the amount of chemicals in your life, living a more naturally enhanced life or being more connected to the Universe or your own intuition.  Finding therapies or resources that match these values is important. 

Using alternative therapies can work well alongside other things you are doing in your life.  Let’s take weight loss as an example (if like me, food is always on your mind).  Following a credible weight loss plan (the best-known being weightwatchers or WW as they’re now known or Slimming World) alongside working with a hypnotherapist to support you in your mindset for weight loss can be extremely effective.    Or perhaps you’re using apps like Headspace or Buddhify for their night-time meditations, you might also be working with an aromatherapist to help you with the right essential oils for your bed-time routine.

NB:  To make it clear, none of this is medical advice.  If you have a medical condition that is concerning you, you know the drill – see your GP.  If you are working with an alternative or complementary health practitioner and are taking prescribed medication, they may ask you to check with your GP before you use their services.

Thanks for reading this.  Hope the information was useful.

For the record, Hypnotherapists don’t make anyone bark like a dog.  But if I’m asked ‘will you make me bark like a dog?” my answer is “only if you want to”.  And yes, I am joking 😊

To work with me or make an appointment email me on or call me on 07803 741396.