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Rainy Day Running - Mindset tips

It’s a very rainy day in my part of the world as I write this blog.

So, do you like running in the rain?  For some it can feel very refreshing.  The water on your face, pounding through the puddles (go on, admit it, you may be a grown up but you still like splashing in a puddle).

For those struggling for motivation to train in this weather, here are some mindset tips to boost your motivation.

1)      A mindful moment

Take a few moments to sit quietly, breath deeply and notice what you’re feeling about why you’re resisting going out for your run.  Notice and observe these feelings, don’t judge or blame yourself.  Those of you familiar with Dr Steve Peters and his Chimp Paradox may hear your chimp in overdrive.  That’s ok, just notice what’s going on with the chimp.

 2)      Reframe

When you’ve done that move on to reframing some of these feelings and thoughts.  For example, ‘the weather is too bad, I’ll get soaked, cold and it will make me miserable’ can be reframed as ‘running in this weather will prepare me for running races in this type of weather’.  Give it a go.

 3)      Visualise

With your eyes closed imagine a big movie screen (if you have difficulty visualizing then sense or feel a movie screen in your mind) and start watching the movie of your run, in fast forward, from the moment you leave to the moment you return. 

 4)      Get changed and get out the door

If you haven’t already get changed into your running kit and get out.  As Ruth Field author of ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ says “Either do this thing or don’t, but don’t disempower yourself by making excuses up all the time.  It’s boring and makes you weak. Choose yes or no and cut the rubbish in-between.”  Ouch. But she’s right.

 5)      Anchor – make a memory of the feel-good

When you get back from your run, take another mindful moment and notice how you feel.  Chances are that you’re feeling great, pleased that you went out and did the run and maybe feeling a little smug with yourself.  Now take a moment to store these feelings in your mind, how great you feel, how refreshed, so next time it’s raining and you don’t feel like going out, remember these feelings for your own personal motivation boost.

 Recommended reading to support mindset for running:

  •   Hypnosis for Running – Adam Eason.  Has excellent mindfulness exercises to deal with negative thoughts/chatter for running.

  •   Run Fat Bitch Run – Ruth Field.  If you’re just starting out as a runner Ruth has great no-nonsense advice to get you going.

  • The Chimp Paradox – Dr Steve Peters.  Helps you understand and manage the internal chatter in your head saying “you can’t do this”. You can do it and this book is an easy and entertaining way to understand how to cope with it.


Picture by @Mitchell Koot