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Menopause - the last taboo mental health topic?

As you’ve likely seen in the media and social media, this week is National Mental Health Awareness week.

It’s positive that there is now focus on mental health and wellbeing and we better understand the importance of taking care of our mental health as well as physical health.

We all have good days and bad days.  Some days are better than others and some days bring up challenges and issues we just weren’t expecting.  Our ability to cope depends on many things.  How we feel at that time, what else is going on in our lives and importantly the support network we have around us. 

Over the past few months I have spoken to many women in menopause who experience mental health challenges.  As if it wasn’t enough dealing with the physical changes during this time of life, they experience feelings that they’ve never had before.

Confident, assertive, get-things-done-women have told me of how this time of their life has impacted them, from feeling a loss of confidence, disturbed sleep and self-esteem to questioning their purpose in life.  Newsflash: menopause is about more than hot flushes. 

And whilst it’s positive we can talk about mental health issues and challenges, for women there still feels a taboo to talk about the menopause.  Over the past few months there has been focus on period poverty, supporting girls to continue attendance at school by providing the supplies they need and even the launch of period emojis.  Both things show that these subjects are ‘out there’ and can be talked about openly.  Menopause doesn’t get this focus and it’s time it did.

Every woman’s experience of menopause will be unique to her.  For that reason, I am pleased to offer bespoke hypnotherapy and coaching programmes to women in menopause.  Each session will be created for you and in response to the support you want.  Because we deserve it.

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Ruth Richards