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Inspired by the London Marathon?

Have you been inspired by the London Marathon?

Aren’t those people amazing?!

From the image of the athlete crawling on her hands and knees to get over the finish line to those in fancy dress. My favourites this year were the minion (love the minions), the guy dressed as a poo (raising money for bowel cancer in case you’re wondering why) and of course, Big Ben, who couldn’t get past the finish line because his costume was too tall. Fear not, a race official helped him bend over so he could get over the finish line. We all need a helping hand every now and then.

Whether you’re inspired to participate in a 10K, half or full marathon or even a triathlon, focusing on your mindset is as important as your training plan, nutrition and having a good physiotherapist.

My ‘Race Ready’ programme can support you in your race preparation. This hypnotherapy programme consists of 3 sessions focusing on

1) getting the best start to the race,

2) dealing with the prickly and negative thoughts during the race and

3) post race recovery.

Each session is tailored to you and your race goals and to align with your training plan.

The investment for this programme is £240, reduced to £200 if you are registered for a race to raise money for a registered charity. Hypnotherapy appointments take place at The Valley Clinic, Ilkley, West Yorkshire. For appointments or more information contact me on 07803 741396 or

Ruth Richards